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Paint Protection

Why is paint protection so valuable?

Every car can benefit from extra protection from rock chips, road salt, bug acids, and general weathering. Refinishing and repainting a car is very expensive. Using clear protection, the luster and color of the original paint of the car will be retained for longer periods of time compared to a vehicle with unprotected paint.

Protect your paint with a layer of Protective Laminate Film.

Our protective laminate film resists stone chipping abrasion and chemical damage. Currently most clear protection kits protect the front parts of an automobile and side mirrors, about equivalent in size to a car "bra".

paint protection, rock chip protection, auto paint protection


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European Auto Tinting is specialized in paint protection film installation. We are the premium rock chip protection and paint protection installer in Edmonton, AB.

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Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle

3M Paint Protection Products protect your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt or insects through the application of a thin and virtually invisible urethane film.

paint protection, rock chip protection, auto paint protection

High-tech film could be your paint's saviour - Edmonton Journal Article, 2008

Driving a car in our harsh climate -- especially in winter -- means one thing. Inevitably, the flawlessly smooth, gleaming paint of your vehicle will be damaged.

Whether you've just bought a $16,000 new Toyota Corolla or plunked down $127 'large' for a 2008 Jaguar XKR convertible, every new car owner dreads discovering that first rock chip on the car. The good news is there's a great solution to protecting your new car finish -- clear urethane film.

To get the inside story on automotive clear protective films, we visited European Auto Tinting, an Edmonton enterprise that's been operating since 1994.

Ron Jansen, company co-owner, has been installing clear protective film on vehicles for more than a decade.

"I think (our shop) is about No. 5 in North America for the amount of 3M protectant (film) installed," he says, continuing, "I've installed this clear film on all sorts of cars, trucks -- and even on skateboards, golf clubs and boats!"

Peter Sitek, European Auto Tinting co-owner, learned how to install the protectant film while living in Italy. Sitek claims the product is sometimes difficult to sell, because the clear film is virtually invisible.

Read the full Edmonton Journal article here >

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