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Window Tinting

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  • Quality tint on your windows protect your eyes from the damaging effects of direct sunlight.
  • Placing a small strip of tinting at the top of the front windshield has been proven to reduce accidents due to driver visibility problems.
  • Depending on tinting material, it can reflect UV rays, which will protect interiors and especially leather from fading and cracking damage. It can also reflect Infrared rays, which will reduce heat buildup inside your automobile.
  • It provides privacy.
  • Tinting can add considerably to the aesthetic quality of an automobile; visibly increasing its overall value.
We have 2 types of tint film from which to choose:
Solargard NR Galaxie:  50% - 45% - 35% - 20% - 12% - 5%
Galaxie is non-reflective, color-stable window film made from state-of-the-art technology that produces optimum heat and glare rejection from a non-metal film. Electronic signal-friendly:  GPS, satellite, AM radio, cellular and TPM systems.

Solargard HP Supreme:   42% - 35% - 30% - 22% - 16% - 10% - 4%

HP Supreme is a high performance metal hybrid film for optimum heat control and solar protection like no other as well as industry leading film clarity for visibility and safety.

HP Supreme offers an extensive range of shades including the darkest window film on the market with only 4% visual light transmittance.
Both films carry a Limited Lifetime transferable warranty backed by Solargard. Our own workmanship warranty covers peeling, bubbling or delamination for as long as you own your vehicle.

European Auto Tinting obeys all provincial laws regarding window tinting.  To book an appointment today call: (780) 438-4676

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